Welcome to the New Ohiofoodshed.org!


Ohio Foodshed is the place to find information on local growers, restaurants, and other local food businesses in and around Appalachian Ohio. The purpose of this website is to connect all of the participants in our local foods value chain to one another in order to support the local food economy. We also provide news and updates about what’s happening in the region, including updates from Rural Action and our partners.

Ohio Foodshed is a project of Rural Action Sustainable Agriculture. The mission of Rural Action Sustainable Agriculture is to increase local food production. This website is designed to be a platform from which producers, consumers, educators and supporters can readily find the connections and contacts that they need to build upon each other, thus replacing an anonymous global foods supply chain with a transparent local foods value chain. 

The term “foodshed” is used to refer to all of the food that is produced and consumed in our geographic region. By defining this area and being conscious of where we are, we can see how the decisions we make about food impact our environment, our economy and our neighbors.

Ohiofoodshed.org was started in 2009 and has continued to grow and evolve. Like many web-based resources it is dependent on the energy and inputs of those who use it. All listings are done in conjunction with those listed, so please contact us for any changes in a listing that pertains to you, or for any additional information you would like to see on this website.

A key focus of this site is to enable consumers to easily find local food, while providing extended presence to producers wishing to grow their businesses. Ohiofoodshed strives to provide local food listings that serve a broad range of consumers, from retail to wholesale. We aim to provide listings that are comprehensive and that exist in no other place as succinctly as we bring them to you.

Rural Action Sustainable Agriculture is a program of Rural Action. Rural Action is a non-profit membership based organization working to build healthy communities, healthy economies and healthy environments in Appalachian Ohio. In addition to Sustainable Agriculture, Rural Action has programs in Sustainable Forestry, Watershed Restoration, Environmental Education, Recycling and Waste Management, and Energy Conservation. Our programs are based on the assets that we have and on working together as a community to build positively upon them. Our work is made possible by our funders, our members and our partners. Current funding for Ohiofoodshed.org is possible through the Appalachian Partnership for Economic Growth. For more information go to www.ruralaction.org.


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