Southeast Ohio Seed Savers Company in Full Swing!


Southeast Ohio Seed Savers (SOSS) is a micro-regional seed company working to create a secure local seed system for future generations by incentivizing and celebrating regional seed saving. The new business initiative believes that sustainable food security starts at the beginning with locally sourced, regionally hardy and genetically unique seeds.
SOSS began as a group of growers that was coordinated through Community Food Initiatives (CFI), an Athens, Ohio based non-profit organization that believes everyone deserves equal access to fresh healthy food. Over time, the network of gardeners, farmers and plant breeders started meeting together to maintain an inventory of regional, open pollinated heirloom seeds, host seed exchanges, and put on seed saving workshops. They are now working toward becoming micro-regional seed company so that local seeds can be more widely available to the public.

The company offers an alternative to large agribusiness by only purchasing seed from local seed savers, farmers, and plant breeders. All germination testing, labeling and packing is done in house keeping our overhead cost low meaning maximum dollars are staying within the local, Southeast Ohio community.

Recently, SOSS finished up a crowd sourcing campaign so that the local community could contribute to their social enterprise success. For more information on supporting SOSS, visit their crowdfunding campaign here or see their business plans on the Community Food Initiatives website here!

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