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Owl Creek Produce Auction

As long as there have been people with things to sell, auctions have provided communities with a tangible venue for public commerce. At the Owl Creek Produce Auction in Waterford, Amish and “English” of all ages gather inside a modest, open-air pavilion to exchange produce and to socialize. To a visitor, the produce auction can seem chaotic, with the fast-paced singing calls of an auctioneer, the hustling of buyers pallet-jacking colorful produce onto trucks and buggies, and farmers running across the auction floor to place bids on multiple products at once. Created to enhance the sustainability of local family farming, Owl Creek draws a diverse community for commerce, tourism, networking, and catching up with one another.

For more information, contact auction manager Kelly Brown.

20999 Waterford Road
Fredericktown, Ohio 43019



Wednesday and Friday  10:00 am (Seasonally)
Friday  10:00 am (Winter)