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Laurel Valley Creamery

Laurel Valley Creamery is a grass based sustainable producer of Grade A Jersey milk that we craft into small batches of farmstead cheese. We specialize in naturally aged raw milk cheese in addition to making several pasteurized specialty cheeses.

We are at a crucial point here on the farm, we are taking on new things daily and continuing to accomplish our day to day activities. We are developing relationships with our customers and vendors, learning and putting to use cheese making skills, dev eloping recipes and washing dishes, we also spend time caring for our aging cheese, stretching mozzarella. Culting, packaging, and labeling cheese, cleaning, and record keeping. Across the road we are mostly milking, but also fixing and building fence, cutting firewood, caring for calves, feeding pigs, keeping records, cleaning, planning, and fixing what seems like everything.

930 Laurel Road
Gallipolis, Ohio 45631



Products Available
Full line of grass grazed cheeses

Where to Buy
Numerous restaurant, farmers markets and retail locations – see our website for a full list!

Laurel Valley Creamery