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Chander Hill Farm


We purchased this beautiful 60 acre farm in Geauga County, OH in 2013 with the goal of being able to live a more sustainable life, and to be able to share our love of great food raised as humanely as possible without the added use of antibiotics, hormones or genetically modified feed. It’s something we personally feel strongly about and it seems as if there are many others who feel the same.

It is a business, but we are just as passionate about being stewards of this land, so we strive to keep a happy balance. The quality of our product is extremely important to us, and so our philosophy is to work with the seasons of the year. For example, we won’t have fresh chicken available November through April because the weather generally is too cold and wet, the grass doesn’t grow much and the chickens don’t thrive/are not happy outside in the moveable tractors. Our calves and lambs are born in Spring/early Summer so that they can get a head start in life basking in warmth from the sun and eating fresh pasture.

12375 Pond Road, Burton, OH 44021

(440) 313-4179

Products Available

Heritage Livestock
Grass Fed Beef & Lamb
Pastured Chicken, Duck, Turkey & Pork with no antibiotics or additional hormones, fed a small amounts of non GMO grains

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Chander Hill Farm

Chander Hill Farm