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Athens’ Own

Athens’ Own seeks to increase the resilience of the Athens community. Every action we take as a business is guided by our greater goal of strengthening resilience and sustainability.

We embrace our local economy and local organizations: We don’t just buy local, we help make buying local happen! We don’t just donate money to non-profits, we get involved and participate in the action! We don’t just idealize a perfect world, we try to “walk the talk” to demonstrate one way it could be possible, right here, right now.

We design, sell and distribute artisan style foods, which are locally crafted and made using sustainable practices. Dawn Chorus Coffee and Athens’ Own Dry Aged Beef are two of our best-selling products. We also help other individuals find resources to create and refine their own exceptional products.

We create systems of cooperative use. For example, Athens’ Own facilitates the collection and distribution of the  spent grains from the beer brewing process at Jackie O’s. After the grain is “malted” and drained, Athens’ Own takes this grain and distributes it to other partners, for livestock food and composting. Those livestock growers then sell beef and other products back to the community, including some for use in Jackie O’s kitchens. By acting as a channel and enabler for these types of cycles, Athens’ Own helps to build strong connections within the community. We put available resources to their best uses, rather than waste time and energy to create new ones.

We set up Constantine’s on State during the Athens Farmers Market each week and sell Athens Own products, as well as made to order food featuring local ingredients.

P.O. Box 237
Amesville, Ohio 45711


Products Available
Dry aged beef
Cured and smoked bologna
Raw milk aged cheddar
100% beeswax candles
Dawn Chorus coffee
Kettle cooked potato chips
Pickled jalapeno peppers
Hot spiced cashews
Pancake and waffle mix
Ohio maple syrup
Ohio honey

Where to Buy
C&E Grocery
Seaman’s Cardinal Supermarket
Athens Farmers’ Market
Poston’s Carry OUT
The Village Bakery
Hyacinth Bean
Dale’s BP
Gilchrist BP
Powell’s Foodfair
The Farmacy
White’s Mill
Bella Vino
Bobcat Essentials (OU)
Appalachian Whole Foods Market

Athens Own