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Athens Hills CSA

Community Supported Agriculture or CSA is a unique collaboration between farmer, land and community members. Members of a community purchase a “farm share” of a farm for the growing season in return for a weekly portion of the harvest throughout the season.

Shareholders have the joy of knowing where, when and how their food is being grown and supporting a local, small business. The Athens Hills CSA offers two seasonal Community Supported Agriculture programs.

The Summer CSA begins in mid-June and runs through the end of October. The Winter CSA begins in early December and continues through the end of April (with a two-week break at the holidays). Each season offers twenty weeks of vegetables delivered to your designated pick-up location.

When you become a CSA member you will receive a weekly share of 7-9 vegetables. The vegetables available from week to week change as the growing season progresses. This will give you a chance to experience the whole range of produce we harvest throughout the winter and summer seasons.

We offer certified organic vegetables freshly picked, rinsed and packed for easy pick-up. Each share member is offered a wide assortment of produce from our bountiful harvest.

The only difference between the Full and Half Shares in our CSA program is that the Full Shares come every week, while the Half Shares come every other week; each share contains the same amount of food though. That means 20 pick-ups for Full Share Members and 10 pick-ups for Half Share Members.

In addition to our vegetable shares, we offer the chance to add on “Partner Items”: Artisan Dinner Bread, Fruit, Goat/Cow Cheeses, Snowville Creamery Milk, Cantrell Honey, and Sticky Pete’s Maple Syrup.

Any of these can be added individually, or you can choose a Combination Share, which includes our veggies plus all of the Partner Items at a discounted price. These items come from other local producers in the Athens area.

16232 Henry Road
Amesville, Ohio 45711


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