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Arcadian Acres

We are a small family farm in Athens County Ohio, dedicated to organically and naturally working with and helping preserve the best heritage breeds and heirloom varieties our world has to offer.

We choose to do this by following the best way nature has shown us, by in fact imitating nature with organic pasture raised methods. We believe that this is best for every reason from the plant or animal’s health and happiness, to the quality of the nutrition and taste when a product ends up on your table to be consumed. In the days of big ag and corporate farming, we realize our methods are met with skepticism by modern conventional farming, but we hold true to the time tested sustainability, and viability that these methods can provide if done properly. If you support local businesses, family farms, sustainable eco-friendly practices, diversified selection, or the freedom to know and choose where your food comes from and how its raised, you’ve come to the right place.

Athens County, Ohio 45701


Products Available
Pasture raised pork
Heritage chickens

Arcadian Acres