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Appalachian Staple Foods Collaborative

Staple foods provide the bulk of nutritious calories in most people’s diets. We believe a local staple seed crops system is key to food & farm security and that food security is key to a green economy. Our goal is to develop that system for our region with an eye toward mapping the process and the system so it can be replicated anywhere.

Our Vision

Every region growing, processing, and marketing grains, beans, nuts, and oil seed that pay farmers and workers fairly, are sustainably grown and processed in the region, and equitably distributed to -schools, retailers, farmers markets, restaurants, bakeries, and community and school yard gardens.

Our Mission

To build a field-to-table model for regional scale sustainably grown, high nutrition grain and bean products that ensure Good Food For All! That means that while we are working to bring good, healthy food to those who are already part of the local food movement, it is even more important that we develop enterprise solutions to food access that guarantees good food for all.

88 Columbus Circle
Athens, Ohio 45701



Products Available
Stone-ground spelt flour
Heirloom corn flour
Heirloom popcorn
Black turtle beans
Adzuki beans
Whole spelt berries
Whole heirloom corn
Corn tortilla chips
Corn minis crackers
100% Spelt artisan bread
100% Spelt pasta

Appalachian Staple Foods Collaborative