#IAmTheFarmer: Celebrate International Rural Women’s Day!

This year, Women Grow Ohio is running the #IAmTheFarmer campaign, to promote rural women’s appreciation and recognition across the world. The campaign runs from October 1st through October 16th (World Food Day). WGO is featuring upstanding female farmers’ stories every day!
 We want YOU to get involved! Here’s how…
  1. Add a badge to your Twitter or Facebook profile to declare #IAmTheFarmer
  2. Take a picture with the #IAmTheFarmer banner (made of recycled material)
  3. Share our  Facebook’s banner #IAmTheFarmer, using it as a cover page
  4. Share blogs, videos, case studies, advice and insights using #IAmTheFarmer!
  5. Retweet or repost #IAmTheFarmer content
We are looking forward to your involvement over the next weeks!
Please direct questions to natalia@ruralaction.org.


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