Food Partners Access Coordinator position announced in Southeast Ohio

As demand for local food that is healthy and accessible grows throughout southeastern Ohio, food hubs and distribution Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetnetworks are emerging to ensure better food choices for all. In Southeast Ohio, food hubs and distribution networks range from established organizations- such as the ACEnet Food Ventures Center, ACEnet’s Nelsonville Food Hub, the Community Food Initiatives-Donation Station- to wholesale community markets-like Rural Action’s Chesterhill Produce Auction and Rural Action’s Country Fresh Stops.
Through generous support from the Osteopathic Heritage Foundation, three organizations: ACEnet, Community Food Initiatives and Rural Action are implementing a dynamic new project that will accelerate healthy, local food access to underserved communities in Appalachia Ohio. The Food Access Network partners are announcing a new job position to expand healthy food access to schools, rural food deserts and emergency food networks.


The Food Partners Access Coordinator will build upon current distribution infrastructure, partnerships and ongoing programs in a directed way so as to maximize positive outcomes for all stakeholders from farmer, to producer to consumer. The Food Partners Access Coordinator will manage the collaborative work plan, bring stakeholders together, undertake planning, research, and fundraising for program strategies, and assist with the management of the food hub systems. The coordinated distribution networks include the Nelsonville Food Hub, the CFI Donation Station, Farm to School initiatives with Hocking College, local k-12 schools, the Food Ventures Center, the Chesterhill Produce Auction and Country Fresh Stops retail partners Athens, Morgan, Perry, and Vinton counties.


The Food Partners Access Coordinator application and interview process is coordinated by ACEnet, Community Food Initiatives, and Rural Action members of the leadership team. The new position will be housed at the ACEnet operated Nelsonville Food Hub as a staff employee of ACEnet, while being responsible to a management team of the three organizations. Salary will be commensurate with food system and management experience.  To receive a full job posting timeline and job description, please contact Leslie Schaller at Letters of inquiry and resumes can be submitted by March 16, 2015 for interview consideration.


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