Order Buying at the Chesterhill Produce Auction

Order Buying is simple at the Chesterill Produce Auction! For those buyers who want to source local food, but find it difficult to beat the convenience of a large distributor– this may be just the service for you!


What is order buying?

Order buying is remote-bidding done on behalf of restaurants, institutions, organizations, or individuals by the CPA’s designated Order buying. It’s a great way for kitchen staffs, schools, and clubs to source fresh, local produce without taking time out of their busy days to come to the auction. Our Order Buyer will take your highest bid and preferred quantity and will be present on the floor to represent you.

How does it work?

  1. Orders are placed weekly on Mondays and Thursdays with our order buyer by phone or email.
  2. Customers provide their desired products and their maximum price for each variety.
  3. Our order buyer uses those bids to buy produce on the floor in real time on auction days.
  4. After the auction, order buyer notifies partners via email to let them know what was purchased for them that day.
  5. Pick-up or delivery can be arranged for successful bids based on the buyer’s convenience and/or proximity.

Why the Chesterhill Produce Auction?

Produce auctions are local, wholesale alternatives to traditional distribution companies. Buying from The Chesterhill Produce Auction not only makes sense for your business, but for your community as well. The auction aggregates produce from over 130 local farmers and producers each year.

The Chesterhill Produce Auction is located on 8380 Wagoner Road in Chesterhill, OH. It is a social enterprise of Rural Action, which means it is a business that puts an emphasis on positive social, environmental, and economic impacts with each impact being of equal importance. The Chesterhill Produce Auction is operated in partnership with community members and participating farmers and Tom Redfern, Director of Sustainable Agriculture and Forestry at Rural Action is the licensed auction firm manager.

  • The Chesterhill Produce Auction is a licensed auction firm with the State of Ohio.
  • The Chesterhill Produce Auction is registered under the Ohio Department of Agriculture.
  • The Chesterhill Produce Auction is 3rd party GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) certified under Equicert.
  • The Chesterhill Produce Auction is insured.
  • Many of our farmers are trained in GAP through Ohio State University Extension educators.

Learn More

Want to learn more about this service from the Chesterhill Produce Auction? Contact Tom Redfern at tomr@ruralaction.org. Or you can view our Order Buying Toolkit which breaks down CPA order buying, and helps you navigate Ohiofoodshed.org!


toolkit2 How to Order Buyer Toolkit

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