Spotlight: Athens Food Policy Council

Have you been interested in getting involved in local food in Athens, Ohio? Are you looking for a way to promote a healthy food system in Southeast Ohio? The Athens Food Policy Council may be the organization for you.

The Athens Regional Food Policy Council’s mission is to grow healthy, equitable, and sustainable food systems in our region through understanding and policy work around food security and economic development.

The group has three standing committees with individual areas of focus. Goals of each group lead to actions within the council. The three committees are: 1) Healthy Food Access 2) Food and Energy and 3) Food and the Economy.

Overarching goals of the Athens Regional Food Policy Council include researching and collecting data to assess the impact of our local food economy, to assess food access and the local food economy’s connection to energy. Small projects within the group aim towards our mission of healthy, equitable and sustainable food systems.

Interested in joining? Contact Grace Kroeger for more information.


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