Food Partners Work Collaboratively to Address Food Insecurity in South East Ohio

A recent article in the Athens News (Going Hungry in Athens County, May 22nd, 2017) examined the reality of food insecurity in our region. To address this need, Rural Action, ACEnet, and Community Food Initiatives are working to build a sustainable and accessible food system through a collaborative partnership.

Carrie Carson, who was recently hired as the Food Partners Access Coordinator to guide the collaborative work says, “Our best defense against food insecurity is to give people opportunity by investing in our local community and food economy. Rural Action, ACEnet, and CFI are doing this by giving farmers access to training and markets such as the Chesterhill Produce Auction, incubating food businesses in ACEnet’s Food Venture Center, and teaching people how to grow their own food through CFI’s community gardens”.

“I encourage the community to see this need as an opportunity to get involved” says Carson. The Food Partners are looking for volunteers to participate in CFI’s Grow a Row Program, assist with processing of local foods for Rural Action’s Farm to School Programming, and to support the Donation Station. For more information or to get involved in the partner’s work please contact Carrie Carson at carriec@acenetworks or 740-592-3854.

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